vegan cook book - taste of love

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this vegan cookbook is by zizi hattab (restaurants kle and dar in zurich). it is filled with spanish-moroccan inspired dishes and stories and a big portion of love. 

zineb "zizi" hattab touches people with her dishes. her recipes are inspired by her spanish and moroccan roots. "patatas bravas remind me of my childhood on the costa brava. couscous tajines and pillow bread were always there when the whole family got together for celebrations," says zineb hattab. her recipes are uncomplicated and suitable for every level. she does not use any animal products at all. the book is also a portrait of the young chef, who gave up her traditional job as a programmer and completed several stages with the best chefs in the world. today, she inspires not only vegans with her cuisine: "when I go to the guests' tables, they tell me they can literally taste the love in the dishes." "taste of Love" is a tribute to her origins and a collection of her favorite recipes.

authors: zineb hattab
published by: at verlag
size: 19.5x26cm, 336 pages
hardcover, 1st edition