tencel denim wide pants - pale blue

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these flowy pants are perfect for almost anything: a hot day at the office? pair it with a white t-shirt. sunday stroll? pair it with a cozy sweater. flowy and wide and super breathable. for an all over denim look, we even have the perfect matching top for you.


100% woven tencel denim from porto (portugal)


model with curly hair is 171cm and wears a size S.


pockets on both sides. two back pockets. elastic waistband at the back, zipper and button closure.


caring for tencel®

this fabric is quite easy to take care of - just make sure you wash it gently. not warmer than 30 degrees is just right. important: the fabric can shrink up to 5% in the first wash. please turn down the spin cycle on your machine. the fabric can leave streaks when it rubs against itself too much.  you can either use a wash bag or wash it by hand. the best thing about it - you can hang to dry and you won't have any wrinkles! 

what is tencel®?

tencel® is a soft fabric that feels softer than silk and smoother than cotton. it is made by the company Lenzing and often called lyocell or modal. it is produced in environmentally friendly processes from wood.

why love tencel®?

moisture is absorbed very well and transported to the surface - which is why the fabric dries super fast. is is also super soft so you'll forget you're wearing anything! 

tencel® production

the production process is very sustainable - it is a closed loop for the used solvent and water. tencel is made by dissolving wood pulp and using a special drying process. before drying, the wood chips are mixed with a solvent to produce a wet mixture which is then pushed through tiny holes. the little spaghettis that come out are like threads, chemically treated and then spun into yarn and woven into cloth.


ethically made in a family run factory in portugal by cossac