ring - hammered stacking ring - silver

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with this ring it’s all about details. it’s a beauty on its own but also perfect to stack with. get creative with it because it’s perfect for a mix and match look!

handmade in bali
material: 100% recycled sterling silver

-it is best to store your jewellery in a soft pouch or box, away from dust, and prevent possible tarnishing. 
-please avoid getting your jewellery in contact with water and lotion. for example, it is best to take your gems off when washing your hands, taking a shower, or on very humid days.
-gently clean your jewellery with an old toothbrush with soft and worn-out bristles, using either warm (not too hot) water, gentle dish soap, or a product to clean brass.
-for a simple polish, you can clean your pieces with a very soft cloth such as the ones for glasses. this will get fingerprints away.

please note metals, such as brass, carry the signs of exposure to air and any other element (water, sweat, perfume, …).