mouth drops - pinke perlen

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the pink pearls mouth drops are the ideal companion for females with PMS and menstrual pains. the mouth drops will give you a portion of strength, self love and relaxation - both mentally and physically. the natural oils can be pain relieving, anti-inflammatory and calming.

ingredients and their effects: full spectrum CBD promotes relaxation, serenity and inner calmness, can have a decramping effect and supports a restful sleep. lady's mantle has a relaxing effect on body and mind. lemon and ginger have a mood-lifting and refreshing effect. hemp oil is the best supplier of antioxidant fatty acids, which the body needs during menstruation. 

how to use: drop half to one pipette of the "pinke perlen" under your tongue. let the oil sink in a few minutes. repeat if you don't feel the desired effect after 15 minutes. take "pinke perlen" a few times a day, if desired (or whenever you need some extra strength). 

size: 10ml
contains 200mg CBD
natural ingredients only
made in switzerland

cosmetic for oral care 10 ml with 200 mg CBD and < 0.2% THC. please consult your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.