ayurvedic herbal tea - day

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she woke up and conquered the world!  this ayurvedic green tea is your new energy and immunity booster. start your day full of power!  this is a vibrant green tea for absolute energy and immunity. 

japanese genmaicha, roasted rice and vibrant sencha green tea blend in a genmaicha mix that is full of life and flavour. tulsi a.k.a the "elixir of life," becomes your secret weapon for strength and immunity. tulsi is also known as the "queen of plants" and is known for strength and immunity in ayurvedic medicine. naturally energizing moringa and tangy ginger surf in on afternotes, the perfect antidotes for a sluggish day. 

ideal for balancing kapha.

you should consult with your doctor if you are pregnant. this tea contains green tea which is safe to drink in moderation during pregnancy, however it also contains tulsi (holy basil) which may not be recommended for pregnant woman (there is limited research for and against).


roasted buckwheat *, green rooibos*, red rooibos*, cinnamon *, star anise *, fennel fruit *, wild chamomile *, lemon balm*
*from organic farming
(may contain traces of gluten and nuts)




how to: 2 min - 95°C / 203°F

from organic farming
100% organic, natural, vegan
no artificial flavours
no additives


store in a dry and dark place


made in france