matcha starter set - organic

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who doesn't love matcha? this matcha set contains 50g of organic matcha that has been carefully grown and picked in uji, japan as well as a bamboo whisk. 

matcha is said to give you more energy and better concentration. matcha contains more caffeine than coffee but there is a big difference - matcha has a more gentle effect and lasts longer than coffee. 

material: 100% organic matcha and bamboo whisk
size: matcha pack 50g
details: the packaging of this product is made of recyclable material and has been awarded the sustainability seal intersoh. store in a cool and dry place. 

how to make a matcha latte: 

- add 1 brushed tea spoon matcha (or 2 bamboo spoons) into a matcha-chale or cup
- add approx. 30ml of hot water and mix well with the help of a matcha whisk (you can find one here) or with a hand whisk in a z movement
- fill the cup with frothed milk (we love oat milk) and enjoy!