linen shirt - mons - black

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stay cool this summer with this stylish linen shirt. featuring an oversized fit and a flowy fabric, this shirt is perfect for making a statement while staying comfortable. black blouses are casually elegant and go well with so many things.


100% belgian linen


loose fit. model sofiya (beige background) is 1,75m tall and wears size S.


slightly shortened sleeves and a classic collar and buttons.

the linen shirt is made from flax grown in Europe.


caring for linen

a lot of times it is enough to just hang your linen pieces outside to air them out. if you do want to wash your linen pieces you can wash them in the washing machine (you can wash linen up to 60 degrees without any issues). important: linen soaks up water - don't fill your washing machine too much. also, the fibers contract during washing and then "fall apart" and loosen up again once you wear them. do not tumble dry but hang to dry. can wrinkle easily so iron with high heat for a clean look.

what is linen?

linen is made from the fibers of a flax plant and is one of the oldest fabrics in the world. linen fabric was already used thousands of years ago - some evidence suggests over 30 000 years ago.

why love linen?

linen is very durable and tear-resistant. it absorbs moisture well and dries fast. it has a cooling effect - making it the perfect summer fabric. paired with some warmer layers you can wear it all year round thanks to its temperature regulating properties.

linen production

the crazy thing - all linen needs is the natural precipitation to grow flax. most linen is grown in europe - even in poor soil during dry seasons. hardly anything goes to waste too!


1. design

by Jula & Anna in Hamburg

2. pattern

by S&T in Portugal

3. raw material

flax grown in France and Belgium

4. yarn production


5. fabric production

Meulebeke, Belgium

6. garment production

Braga, Portugal

7. piece dyed in

Barcelos, Portugal

8. washed & worn

by you all over the world