keychain band - FATIMA - creme

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By yoomee
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these keychains are made out of moroccan ribbons called sfifa. originally they are used for decorating traditional kaftans.

developing from ‘sabra’ to ‘sfifa’ the threads are transformed step by step into keychains. the threads are braided into ribbons on the outskirts of marrakesh using an antique machine.
the keychains are produced by zahra from the women’s association al kawtar in marrakech. together with yoomee the colour and design combinations are developed. each keychain can be assembled individually, using different carabiners, tags and mini tags.

for every keychain sold - we give something back to al kawtar.
at the end of each year YOOMEE gives a donation to one of their projects.

material: rayon (natural fiber)
color: cream white
size: approx. 40cm when worn around the neck
made by zahra and the women at al kawtar

important: this keychain band is without a carabiner. please choose a carabiner here.


you can wash your keychain. use a mild detergent and hand wash it or use a washing bag when using your washing machine. wash on a delicate cycle only.