incense sticks - satya nag champa - 15g

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these incense sticks are a true classic! the nag champa incense sticks are all hand rolled and carefully balanced. you can use incense sticks in therapies and spirituality rituals but can also be burned to relieve stress or create a warm and cozy atmosphere at home. also, incense can also be used as an aid in meditation and breathing exercises. find the scent that is perfect for you!

ingredients: mix of herbs, floral extracts and oil, hand rolled onto a bamboo stick
size: 15g per pack, approx. 15 sticks per pack

burn time: approx. 30-45 minutes per stick
made in bengaluru, india

nag champa: the classic and most popular incense stick scent. pleasant sweet and flowery scent. suitable for relaxation and meditation.

white sage: spicy and herbaceous note. ideal for cleansing rituals. this incense scent strengthens willpower and drive.

meditation: tart and fresh with a subtle fruity note. supports meditations and relaxation.

positive vibes: sweet floral, gentle resinous and subtle wooden notes make this a special aroma experience. can be used for spiritual ceremonies or meditations.