incense sticks - room no. 11

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the collins incense stick are made the old-fashioned way, or "sun-hyang" as it is known in korea. the "jook-hyang" method is used to create incense sticks from india or southeast asia, such as nagchampa. the main distinction is that "sun-hyang" doesn't use a bamboo core. instead, it is created by combining "wood" and "oil" and then pulling them like noodles. this manufacturing method reduces the use of synthetic materials like adhesives, resulting in a healthier and more gently scented product.

room no. 11 smells like orchard soil and is dreamy and sweet.


100 % natural, wood & oil


box 6 x 13 cm, 70 incense sticks


burn time approx. 15 - 20 min. / stick


collins incense is handcrafted by a master craftsman who has been recognized as a renowned authority in the field of incense ("sun-hyang") in korea. this person has spent the last 25 years solely making incense.