ecovero drape skirt - yellow print

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midi skirts and summer are like a match made in heaven. this drape skirt is super soft and flowy and can be dressed up or down. add a top and heels and you have an elegant outfit - or pair it with a simple white t-shirt and you can wear it to the office as well.


100% ecovero viscose from porto (portugal)


model with curly hair is 171cm and wears a size S.


pockets on both sides. zipper closure.


caring for ecovero

this fabric is quite easy to take care of - just make sure you wash it gently. not warmer than 30 degrees is just right. the fabric can leave streaks when it rubs against itself too much.  you can either use a wash bag or wash it by hand. the best thing about it - you can hang to dry and you won't have any wrinkles!

what is ecovero?

this fabric is another sustainable viscose (soft plant fiber fabric, chemically made) option! it is soft and flowy - but a bit more like cotton than tencel. it can be used for thicker blouses and even hats! this fabric is also made by Lenzing (yay!).

why love ecovero?

apart from being environmentally friendly (it is even biodegradable!) this fabric is a dream to wear. it is flowy, soft and breathable.


the wood used to create to yarn is grown and processed sustainably and only comes from responsible, certified sources. it is certified with the EU ecolabel which guarantees high environmental standards throughout the lifecycle: from growing the raw material to production, distribution and disposal. compared to regular viscose, the manufacturing of ecovero generates up to 50% lower emissions, energy use and water impact.


ethically made in a family run factory in portugal by cossac