cocktail in a bottle - espresso martini

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this gem in a bottle combines two things we really love: coffee and drinks!  
let yourself be surprised by this balanced creation, which was originated by giving the classic espresso martini recipe a twist. the name of this yummy drink comes from the martini glass in which it is traditionally served, the drink itself has nothing to do with a classic dry martini. whether classic or not; we love this drink and hope so will you!

ingredients: organic brasil coffee from stoll, cognac, rum, vodka, sugar

size: 50cl
handmade in züri

serving tips: pour the espresso martini into a tumbler over a few ice cubes and stir, or ice-cold directly into a martini glass or cocktail bowl and enjoy straight away!
flavors: balanced alcoholic notes with a strong presence of coffee and restrained sweetness.

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please only buy this if you're over 18 - please send us a photo of you and your ID if we ask you to.