cashmere sweater - hanna - anthracite

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this cashmere sweater is special! it is made from recycled cashmere and features a minimal design, roll neck and cropped shape. recycled cashmere does not only keep an eye out for the environmental footprint but is also super soft and cozy.

material: 97% recycled cashmere, 3% wool

the cashmere recycling process builds on the principles of the circular economy by recovering clothes that are thrown away. jungle folk works with a north-italian spinning mill MilleFilli, a facility that collects used cashmere products such as sweaters, jackets and coats, separates them by color and transforms the fibers into new yarns.

since the separated clothes already come in color it is not necessary to dye them again - the whole recycled cashmere process uses way less water, energy and chemicals than the new fibers.

care: because we love our clothes and our environment we recommend wearing and washing this item consciously. this item almost needs no washing as the cashmere and wool fibers tend to be self-regulating. air this item and do spot treatment. when washing then hand wash with cold water and use a gentle detergent for the material. lay the item flat to dry. no tumble dry.

size guide: regular cozy fit

this item has been sewn in braga, portugal by orfama.