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time for some glow

aaah summer! finally we can resurface our dresses, sandals, sunglasses and of course, some kick-ass spf. because, while we want to look like a sun-kissed beach goddess we also want to make sure that our skin is protected. 
so while skincare is a hot topic all year round, let's refresh our memory on some of our favorite skincare products. here's a suggestion for a great everyday skincare routine:

  • start with a clean canvas - so to speak. the first item on our list is the face and body soap by upcircle, which can be used as a face wash. it's a budget-friendly and very easy option to start your day off fresh as a daisy.
  • after cleansing, we use this refreshing toner with hyaluronic acid, which helps revitalize and refresh our skin. it also moisturizes and brightens the skin. also a great go-to product for during the day, when your skin needs a little kick.
  • next, we're giving a little love to the skin around our eyes, with this super light eye cream. it reduces the appearance of fine lines, dark circles, puffiness, and sagging. plus it's super soothing thanks to the metal applicator tip. great for sleepy mornings!
  • moisturize, moisturize aaaand moisturize. we love the upcircle face moisturizer for all skin types. it's packed with great ingredients, fast-absorbing and nourishing.
  • to lock in all the hydration of the moisturizer we're topping it off with the organic face serum by upcircle. this oil-based serum helps boost collagen and therefore keep your skin firm. 
  • take a little breather - we recommend letting the moisturizer and serum sit for a few minutes. perfect time to grab a good-morning coffee.
  • aaand we're back! time to put on some spf - for example, this non-irritating, mineral-based spf by cocokind. for optimal protection apply it 15 minutes before sun exposure. reapply at least every two hours.
  • and now just before we rush off - the one for all balm is an amazing product because, besides being full of super nourishing ingredients, it's super versatile. use it as a chapstick or as a hand cream. the perfect product to carry with you all day. 
  • last but not least - a little glow before you're ready to rock your day. this blush can be used for your lips and eyes as well. so be creative and use this product according to whichever look you're going for. 

so that's it! your skin and you are ready for the day.
by the way, replace the moisturizer with a night cream, leave out the spf and blush and you've got yourself a nighttime routine. 

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June 28, 2022 — Nadia Baldelli