lake day starter pack

the weather right now is hot, hot, hot and we are loving it. 
whether you're working on your tan at the lake, showing off your new bikini at the limmat, or catching some sun at your favorite "badi", you'll need to bring some essentials. and of course, we're here to help you pack.


vamos a la badi

first things first, you'd prooobably want to pack some fancy swimwear. we cannot resist this bikini in a simple cut and romantic print - bikini top "lirio", bikini bottom "lirio"

now you'll want to throw something equally pretty and airy over your swimwear, to make sure your look's on point in and out of the water. what about this cute dress? and to dress your feet, how about these beauties? 

and obviously, there's not gonna be a blog post about anything summery without mentioning spf, right? we love this one by upcircle.

next, throw on a hat and some shades to keep your beautiful brain and eyes safe from the sun. and now that you're wearing these sassy glasses, you wouldn't wanna lose them. so add a glasses necklace for some extra pizzaz and safety. 

we're almost done packing, hang in there.

you'll need something to lay and relax on, namely, a towel. we've got some great options for you, that will not only serve as a cozy base to lay on and keep you dry but also put you in a good mood. here are some of our faves:

last but not least - you need something to pack all these goodies into right? there's no bag that says "summer" more than the beautiful lala bag by "yoomee".

alright you're all good to go. all that's left to say now, is: stay hydrated! and for the skincare aficionados out there, here's a little pro tip: we like to bring our face spray wherever we go, in case our face needs a little refreshing kick (cause the heat is reeeeal this year).

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