it's autumn, the season when the world sheds its old leaves. so what better time to speak about an important skincare topic, exfoliation, i.e. the shedding of dead skin cells. doesn't sound yummy but is super important. here are the ins and outs.

why is it important?

exfoliation is a cosmetic technique that has been around for a long time, said to be originated by the egyptians. there are two main benefits to peelings:

deep skin cleansing

by exfoliating your skin you free it of dead skin cells, pollution, and micro dust or dirt. this in turn lets your skincare products penetrate your skin deeper and therefore be more effective.

boost of skin-renewal

our skin renews itself approximately every 28 days. however, as we grow older this process slows down, leaving our skin looking less "fresh" and "glowy". exfoliation helps boost this cycle of skin renewal, removing old skin and bringing out  

different ways of exfoliating

generally one distinguishes between physical and chemical peelings. physical peelings can be anything from scrubs to exfoliating gloves, so products with abrasive particles in them generating that peeling effect. chemical peelings on the other hand rely on chemically based formulas, containing acids, which dissolve dead skin cells. 

our favorites

we really love skincare so choosing a single favorite product is impossible. so here are a few of our most beloved exfoliation products.

scrubs, scrubs, more scrubs
cloths, gloves and bags

whichever method you prefer, remember to take good care of your skin. not only is it good for your health, it's also a wonderful method of self-care. 

so, as the days get colder remember to treat yourself. :)

thank you for the inspiration UPCIRCLE!
October 01, 2021 — Nadia Baldelli