as the days get colder and colder we all start layering up. 
and what better way to stay warm than wrapped in some cozy wool-knitwear? right? right!

so let's take a closer look at the ins and outs of wool, our favorite pieces, and maybe a cute alpaca picture. 

why wool?

this natural, biodegradable, and renewable fabric has been around for a long long time in the textiles industry. on top of all the aforementioned attributes, wool is also breathable, durable, and you know it'll keep you warm and cozy.  



one of the great advantages of wool is that it's a self-cleaning fiber. this means it doesn't need to be washed all the time and it will hardly ever smell. try hanging your beloved knit-piece outside and air it out overnight. in most cases, this will suffice.


if you do decide that you need to wash your wool-item try washing it by hand, using a natural shampoo or soap. do not use hot water as this might lead the wool to shrink. be careful with the wool programmes that most washing machines offer, as they are often too hot and too rough.


  • lay your knitwear flat to dry (best practice is to lay it flat on a towel on your hanger)
  • do not hang or tumble dry
  • knitwear is best kept folded not hanged in your wardrobe as it might lose its shape 

our favorite pieces

here are some of our favorites this season.

  • a gorgeous and reversible (!) cardigan made of baby alpaca wool, available in two colors - by jungle folk
  • the super dreamy turtleneck sweater made of 50% alpaca and 50% sheep wool, available in three colors - by racines du ciel
  • a timeless piece in black made of 50% alpaca and 50% sheep wool - by racines du ciel
  • an elegant sweater made of 100% baby alpaca wool, available in two colors - by jungle folk
  • beanies and scarfs should not be missing in your winter wardrobe. we love the puno beanie, made of 68% baby alpaca and 32% undyed pima cotton, available in three colors - by jungle folk
  • and the merino scarf made of 100% organic merino wool, available in two colors - by rotholz
  • last but not least - check out this super cool jacket by jungle folk - it's made of 72% baby alpaca wool, 26% wool and 2% nylon

whichever pieces you choose, stay warm and safe this winter.

oh, also, here's a cute alpaca-picure



for questions regarding our knit pieces, material info, or for more alpaca pictures don't hesitate to get in touch through our socials or via

October 27, 2021 — Nadia Baldelli