NORA mini - velvet - blue & mustard

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By yoomee
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NORA means light in arabic.

the NORA bag is inspired from the moroccan culture - velvet has been used for years for furniture, home decor and clothing but most dominant in the traditional caftans.

you can wear the NORA bag as a classic shopper or crossbody.
if you make a knot in the long strap you can easily adjust the fit for a child - looks super cute.

material: velvet
color: light blue and mustard
asize (LxBxH): 37cm x 36cm x4cm / crossbody: 100cm / handles: 37cm
made by zahra and the women at al kawtar


left over velvet fabric


37cm x 36cm x4cm / crossbody: 100cm / handles: 37cm


you can wear this bag crossbody or as a handbag


machine wash cool, lay flat to dry


ethically made in a women's association* in marrakech

*for women with disabilities