yael anders

based in: zurich, switzerland
founded by: yael anders, 2000-something :)
products: creating design objects & realising creative projects

yael anders is a creative force, a multi-talent that says of herself: “the day has fewer hours than i have ideas.” this is very on point considering all her various fields of work. she has an incredibly extensive skill set, reaching from photography, illustrations, and layouts, to ceramics, textiles, wood, and metal. for her, the process is the objective - not only in design but also in life. she uses her beautiful planner as a tool to catch ideas through rough sketches whenever inspiration hits her. furthermore, yael lives in a shared house with thirteen flatmates that work in many different industries and thus enable her to get different perspectives on her projects.  those projects are then brought to life in her studio in zurich.

yael anders stands for

creating - intuitive - analogue

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