mira and ivon blazevic

based in: zurich, switzerland
founded by: mira and ivon blazevic, 2018
products: swimwear

mira and ivon, a mother-daughter-duo, unite the best of their respective business backgrounds. with mira being a swimwear veteran, bringing over 44 years of experience into the mix, and ivon adding her extensive marketing expertise, these two are a true power-team. each and every piece is carefully designed and prototyped by hand in volan's studio in zurich. the production of their beautiful swimwear happens in central croatia where the two founders have their roots. there they work with a small family business, with which volans closely collaborates to ensure high quality creations. through their partnership with this business, they support the local economy since this manufacturer is located in a small village in which a big part of the population directly or indirectly depends on this business. 

volans stands for

timeless design - mother-daughter team - perfect fit

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