cristina castillo & roxane rajabali 

based in: luxembourg
founded by: cristina castillo & roxane rajabali, 2018
products: spices

we don't know about you but we looove food. and spices are essential to cooking up a delicious meal. cristina and roxane know this and wanted to bring spices to another level. so in 2018, they launched the first quality, ethical, and responsible spice brand in luxembourg. their spice blends are eco-friendly and  specially designed by health professionals and cooking enthusiasts, such as themselves. cristina and roxane also consider their environmental impact and want to give back. which is why they collaborate with environmental projects, mainly one that plants one tree in madagascar for each spice sold. thanks to 'the spice collection' as of today more than 9000 trees have been planted. 

the spice collection stands for

100% natural - innovative - fun

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