James Jardella

based in: bracknell, england
founded by: james jardella, 2020
products: skincare

“it’s time for a change!” - that’s what james thought back in 2017. he had just become a new father to his son alex and was unwilling to put artificial skincare, packed with 40 unknown ingredients, on his newborns' sensitive skin. james turned to mother nature and chose the best plant-powered active ingredients to nourish and protect his boy. then he worked day and night to leave out everything else in the pursuit of natural simplicity. soon a home-made balm was born, that became so popular, james decided to turn it into a brand. today, skin sapiens produces in a sustainable lab in stockholm, sweden. and the mantra they work on is simple - "nothing wasteful. nothing hidden. nothing oversold".

skin sapiens stands for

good - human - natural

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