Melis Sawerschel

based in: zurich, switzerland
founded by: melis sawerschel, 2019 
products: apparel

the brand name speaks volumes. 'she is rebel' is a celebration of womanhood, of the rebels, the femme fatale, of women making and breaking rules. a celebration of thinking outside the box.
but also, make it sustainable.
melis, rebel in command, knows a thing or two about sustainability. originally a material engineer turned banker, she quit her corporate career to make her own rules. with her background in material engineering, she is able to create quality and eco-friendly garments that not only feel good but also look stunning. with a completely verified and sustainable supply chain in turkey, all 'she is rebel' clothing is produced with greatest care for the planet and people.

partnering with the biggest turkish ngo 'she is rebel' supports girls education - to make sure there will be many more strong, empowered rebels to come.

she is rebel stands for

sexy - smart - sustainable

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