kate egli & andrea bruderer

based in: lachen, switzerland
founded by: kate egli & andrea bruderer, 2019
products: deodorants & cosmetics

såpe,  meaning ‘soap’ in norwegian, is a natural cosmetics brand based on the idea that true beauty does not follow superficial and everchanging trends. the sisters kate and andrea believe that true beauty is based on inner balance. and when it comes to their products, beauty comes from the perfect balance of the right ingredients. it all started with the wish to find an effective and natural deodorant. both sisters had worked with topics such as design, sustainability, nature, health, and natural cosmetics in one way or another for a long time. so they decided to fulfill this need for a good deodorant themselves. and this is how såpe was born. they now produce a deodorant that consists of 97% natural ingredients, most of which of swiss origin, and comes in a beautiful glass container and is applied with an elegant nut wood spatula. purity, freshness, and clarity for your skin.

såpe stands for

swiss quality - natural - sustainability

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