sans.motif founders 

based in: zurich, switzerland
founded by: kerstin "kiki" syfrig & daniel amrein, 2017
products: apparel

guided by passion and intuition daniel and kiki create conscious, fair, and organic streetwear. the local duo, which brings years of experience in fashion to the table, thinks that too often we as a society do what others expect us to do. that too often, we expect everything to have a reason, a justification. but actually, sometimes things just work without a reason or "sans motif". sometimes all you need is the right feeling. so, in order to bring this philosophy to life, the brand sans.motif was founded. all their creations are manufactured under fair and sustainable conditions with high quality materials. let yourself be inspired, just like that, sans motif.

sans.motif stands for

fair - organic - streetwear

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