period. founding team 

based in: zurich, switzerland
founded by: céline & paulus, 2021
products: period products

many people know the struggle that also céline was battling for years: strong menstrual pains. she couldn't find a product that worked for her and her body on the market, so she set out to create a solution herself. she created recipes that were effective against her complaints and relieved her pain. turns out these recipes also helped her friends. and friends of her friends. and so 'period.' was born. the founding team behind 'period.' are céline and paulus, a dynamic duo from zurich, who've made it their mission to end menstruation pain and the stigma around periods. 'period.' wants to make sure that you feel free, self-determined, and independent, at all times. the 'period.' products are a natural, vegan, and organic alternative to (usually) chemical medicine. all products are handmade in switzerland

period. stands for

femininity - power of nature - awareness

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