Matthias Hachen

based in: zurich, switzerland
founded by: matthias hachen
products: leather goods

it all started on greece's biggest island - in stunning crete. there, matthias stumbled across the old tanneries of chalepa outside the city walls of chania. what he found, between abandoned factories and ancient ruins, were workshops that still produced leather according to time-honored traditions. and so an idea was planted in his mind, an idea that eventually grew to be the label 'park'. the vision is to combine contemporary design with traditional leathercraft. nowadays park is a brand that crafts beautiful leather goods under ethical and sustainable conditions. and by working closely with the producers, park supports and empowers the local economy of their manufacturers and helps them preserve their traditions. all products are created in either crete, athens or switzerland. in their home country park works with social facilities in order to produce bags from recycled materials. 

park stands for

timelessness - heritage - longevity

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