isabel aagaard

based in: denmark
founded by: isabel aagaard, 2018
products: reusable hygiene products

think about how many personal hygiene and cosmetic products you use every day? whether you're a skincare nerd or whether you keep it simple with your personal hygiene, we all use several products every day. many of these products create waste. 'lastobject' founder isabel, who's a danish designer, was done with that. frustrated with single-use hygiene products she set out to create her own, sustainable solution. and that's how lastobject was born. lastobject products are reusable alternatives to single-use hygiene products like cotton swabs and are made from sustainable materials. for products that are meant to last and therefore be your last ones. for a long-term positive impact on the environment.

lastobject stands for

reusable - sustainable - impactful

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