francisco jaramillo


based in: medellín, colombia
founded by: francisco jaramillo, 2015
products: home & living

the medellin based design studio 'fango' stands for origin and culture and tells stories about simple objects that honor tradition and craftsmanship. 

fango stands for

culture - tradition - craftsmanship

jooki founding team

based in: zurich, switzerland
founded by: laura henao, patrick bussmann, laura gonzalez,
stefan huggenberger, 2020
products: handmade goods from colombia

the two colombian/swiss couples laura & patrick and laura & stefan were together for brunch, talking and dreaming about something they all had in common: a big passion for colombia and its craftsmanship, designers, and art. as they all share a loving connection for this country, they decided to start 'jooki' - a platform for a small, rotating circle of colombian designers and their handmade goods.

jooki stands for

culture - tradition - craftsmanship

discover fango by jooki's products here: