Sedonja Moll Portraitpicture 

based in: zurich, switzerland
founded by: sedonja moll, 2021
products: ceramics

pottery enthusiast sedonja first acquired her skills in a pottery class in her hometown. when the pandemic hit and the course was therefore canceled, sedonja had to continue improving her skills through self-teaching. the cancellation of the class also meant that sedonja also had no more access to a furnace. so she bought her own and kickstarted her production of ceramics. she turned a hobby she was very passionate about into a project that brings her and many people joy, that has a social impact (approximately 20% of the proceedings are donated to charity), and that even lead her to find a job at a local pottery studio. sedonja loves the meditative effect that this creation process has and how she can celebrate femininity through her ceramics.

ceramics by donna stands for

handcrafted - female owned - local

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