founding team attached 

based in: zurich, switzerland
founded by: alex benz & léna tripet, 2018
products: accessories

for the 'attached' team social impact is a matter of the heart. their mission is to highlight, uplift, and empower a kind of people marginalized by a high performance-society; people with different kinds of health impairments. 'attached' a brand creating various fashion accessories, manufactures their products in collaboration with swiss foundations that employ people with health impairments and help them reintegrate into the workforce. but 'attached' doesn't stop at local and ethical production, and social impact: they make sure their creations are good for the planet too. this is why they mostly use pre-loved materials that then are repurposed, by hand, into a new beautiful product. this is how they keep it local but also keep their ecological footprint low. sometimes big impact comes in the form of a small accessory.

attached stands for

handmade - local - upcycling

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