do you know the value of what you buy?

the value of a product is so much more than just the price tag. we believe that the true worth of a product is all the hard work, dedication and love that goes into it. this is why we want to take you on a journey to learn more about everything that goes into a handmade product. 

in the following illustration you will discover the most important work steps of the keytags by yoomee. 

production of keytags 

key facts about the production:

  • active production time: approx. 30-50 tags per day (without drying and varnishing time)
  • people involved in production: ca. 5 men
  • production steps involved: 21

highlights of the product:

  • every dot and every single line on the keytag is engraved by hand with a hammer and a metal bolt

did you know?

  • the key tags are a very elaborate product. it's hard to tell how many steps go into the creation of a single keytag, as it is a very complex process. 

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