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mémoires smells just like our collab stores - so you can take the store vibes with you!

we have had so many people walk into our stores and ask us what the lovely scent is they are smelling. that is why we partnered with hush & home and created our own collab scents to match our store vibes.

place these candles in any room you wish - office, bathroom or bedroom. the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.


100% vegan soy & coco wax (phtalates free)




bergamot, cardamom, black pepper, magnolia leaf, white rose, vanilla, amber, tonka


the first time you light the candle make sure you wait until the wax is melted all the way to the edges before you blow out the candle. place the candle on a surface that is heat safe. trim the wick to make sure the flame does not burn too high. keep away from children and pets.


handmade in zurich