pocket journal - stone

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introducing the pocket journal - made from stone! rock beats paper, and with karst Stone Paper™, you'll have a notebook that is more durable, sustainable, and smoother to write on. made from sustainably recycled stone, this notebook is rebuilt from first principles to be the best way to record your ideas and thoughts.


paper made from recycled calcium carbonate (no trees!)


A6 / 50 pages


waterproof & tear-resistant
recyclable & tree-free
friction-free writing
stitch bound with matching stitching
small back pocket for storage


you can use this notebook like a regular notebook - all pens and pencils work. it can be recycled just like regular paper, through the paper or plastic stream. while it is not a plastic, burning stone paper reduces it back to its original form of calcium carbonate (chalk powder) which in turn can be used as a filler in future recycled products.