WARDA phone case - purple

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WARDA means „flower“ in arabic.

back to the 70‘s! with these 3 products the YOOMEE team has reinterpreted the flower power time a little bit. the crochet technique is a pure handwork - no machine can replace the hands here.

YOOMEE developed this project for the women in the women's association. the crocheting is extremely time consuming, but it means that they can give many women work that they can do from home. in addition, crocheting is extremely meditative and is known to bring a lot of joy.

we love it - we hope you like it too.


100% LANG swiss wool


11cm x 16cm


each piece is handmade and can differ slightly from the photos.


caring for wool

wool is actually a lot easier to take care of than you might think. usually it is enough to just hang it outside. wool will hardly ever smell. if you have stains on your wool items try hand washing them. you can use a natural shampoo - remember not to use hot water! wool can shrink easily. many washing machines offer a wool programme - be careful with these as many are too hot or too rough. the most important care instruction: lay flat to dry (on a towel on your hanger) so that the wool piece does not lose shape or stretch.

what is wool?

wool is a fibre from the fleece of an animal - sheep, goats, alpacas. there are even the first prototypes of dog wool on the market!

why love wool?

nothing is warmer on cold days than wool! also it is natural, biodegradable, renewable, breathable and durable. 

wool production

it is hard to find clear statistics on this topic. what is clear: wool uses less water than cotton in production. however, it also depends in what environment the animals are kept and how much water this uses. also wool has to be washed - depending on the dirt this takes a lot of water. here it really depends on where the wool comes from and how these animals were kept. since we work with small partners, we can assure our wool does not come from mass productions.


handmade by loredana in italy. it takes her 6 hours to make a phone case.