perfume roller - stargaze

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reminiscent of a summer night under the stars. a fresh, masculine blend of bergamot, grapefruit, and sandalwood. these roll on perfumes are made with all natural coconut-oil, moisturizing the skin while you wear your favorite scent. 

coconut oil and essential oils




roll-on perfumes are ideal for travel, your pocket, purse, even on your dresser.


shake before use for best results. store in a cool and dark place.


handmade in the USA

About the brand


based in: minnesota, usa
founded by: erin copeland
products: candles and home decor

nomad design co was founded by erin copeland in minneapolis, minnesota. the brand's products are inspired by erin's love for the outdoors combined with her background in design. candle names like leaves, palm springs, moonlight and stargaze reflect how nature influences the brand. their products aren't only beautiful, but their packaging can be repurposed and each of their sales donates a portion of the profit to the national park foundation. 

nomad design co stands for

homemade - nature inspired - beautiful design