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let’s be honest, a good workout is infinitely better in a cute outfit. enter the FLOAT ultralight skort — a lightweight, billowy skort with a flouncy skirt and a built-in compressive short for some added support and hold. 

body made from 90% recycled plastic bottles (RPET) and 10% spandex

inner short made from 79% RPET and 21% spandex


- high rise waistband
- built-in compressive short for extra support and hold
- two side pockets on inner short


caring for recycled polyester

wash up to 30 degrees (this is always the most sustainable choice when using a washing machine) and use a fabric bag to keep your items from breaking because of zippers. to avoid microplastics from floating to the oceans, use a guppyfriend washing bag.

what is recycled polyester?

most often recycled polyester is made out of industrial waste or post-consumer plastics like PET bottles. turning PET bottles into clothing means grinding, melting and extruding new fibers.

why love recycled polyester?

taking what is already there and giving it new life is super cool already - but recycled polyester is also super versatile! from waterproof bags to silky smooth fabrics you can do so many things. 

recycled polyester production

producing recycled polyester uses up to 90% less water than regular polyester. still you have to be careful and only choose certified recycled fabrics. we think there are pros and cons with this fabric.  the main pro arguments: keeping plastic away from landfills and the ocean and a waterproof and stretchy fabric - just like polyester, but uses less energy to make. still, recycling has its boundaries and recycling uses a lot of energy too. also, recycled polyester can still release micro plastics.


made in vietnam (SA8000 certified, guarantees fair wages, and always ensures safe and healthy conditions)