candle holder - templo - pale pink

By octaevo
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these new candle holders master the art of balance and tranquil stillness. formed after pillars of ancient temples, they are made from casted ceramic and have a matte, smooth finish that compliments their fluid silhouette.

we love combining the two colors dark blue and pale rose - and they are the perfect match for all of our candles. the pale pink goes well with all of our colorful candles - our favorite combo is together with the raketeglace color ;)

matte stoneware


L 11 x W 8.5 x H 8 cm


handmade with matte glazing. glazing varies from piece to piece.


wipe with a damp cloth


octaevo works exclusively with suppliers who share their utmost commitment to people and our environment, actively pursuing sustainable practices and responsible sourcing - for a brighter future for all.