fleurs de bain - bath tea bag - flowers and herbs

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the perfect present for relaxing. these large tea bags will make sure your bathtub turns into a relaxing oasis. simply add the large tea bag to your bath, get in the tub, breathe and relax :) perfect for gifting as well!

material: nylon mesh, sea salt, organic flowers, essential oils
size: 10.5x10.5cm
how to use: place in bath tub and let soak during your bath

 each tea bag is different - depending if you want to enegerize or relax. new moon phases tea bags are specifically developed matching each moon phase.

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founded by: franziska bründler, 2008
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for over 10 years fidea has been creating products that inspire you to smile, to enjoy and to have fun. but they also want to give you food for your thoughts. fidea is very conscious about their manufacturing. most of their products are handmade in social institutions, supporting and empowering people from less privileged backgrounds and / or with disabilities. whenever possible they produce in switzerland with local materials, whilst supporting and promoting young swiss designers. 

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