Pack your bags - we're going swimming! After a few weeks of miserable weather it seems that summer has returned to Zurich. Our team at Collab Zurich can't wait to get back out and soak up the sun, and where better than all the amazing Badi spots in Zürich? The term "Badi" in Swiss-German translates to "bathing area" or "public pool," but it is so much more than that - they are like a calm oasis in the bustling city. Most Badi areas are strategically located along the shores of Lake Zürich or the river, making them easily accessible and picturesque.  

Our fave Badi spots:

There are several Badis in and around Zürich, each with its unique charm. Whether you prefer a family-friendly spot, a tranquil hideaway, or a lively ambiance, there's a Badi for everyone. Some of our favourite ones include Utoquai Badi, Strandbad Mythenquai, Unterer Letten and Seebad Enge/Rentenwiese. Research the various options and pick the one that suits your preferences. (If the bad weather returns we also recommend checking out the Stadtbad Zürich in the Volkshaus Zürich)

Swimming, sunbathing and eating:

The primary attraction at the Badi is, of course, swimming in clear and refreshing waters of Zürich. In these hot summer months the lake warms up to a pleasant temperature (between 15-25°C), perfect for cooling off  but not freezing. Some Badis offer a gradual entrance into the lake, either by stairs or a gradual slope leading into the water. This way you can decide how deep and how far you want to go. After your refreshing dip you can lay your towel out to dry off in the sun - we just recieved a shipment with two fun new towels (green/pink) from tarta gelatina. These towels are soft and will add a pop of colour wherever you go. When soaking up these warm sunny rays make sure to bring enough sunscreen with you! Our team member Ak recommends the silky SPF from cocokind

To keep yourself entertained whilst you dry off you can bring a book, a frisbee, portable speakers playing your fave tunes and of course bring along some friends to have fun conversations with. If you're planning on spending an afternoon at the Badi we recommend packing enough water and some snacks - this way you can truly relax without having to leave your spot too often. Of course you can always treat yourself to a proper meal in a restaurant close to the Badi. We love Hiltl am Strand by the Mythenquai as you can choose what your heart desires from the buffet. Another great option is ordering pizza directly to your location, we love the flexibility of this option. 

As the day draws to a close, the Badi transforms into a tranquil haven as the sun sets over the horizon, painting the sky in breathtaking hues. It's a time of serenity, where you can sit by the water's edge and reflect on the day's experiences while witnessing the mesmerizing beauty of nature. Visiting the Badi in Zürich is a magical experience that epitomizes the city's unique blend of urban and nature. 


August 11, 2023 — Kristina Seiz