so another year has passed and here we are again: january. 
a month full of expectations and good resolutions. 

like every year many of us vow to be better, do better, be fitter and eat healthier. and these are just some of the most common new year's resolutions. don't even get me started on sleeping more and reducing screen time.

but this is not to say that we don't believe in improvement and the need for it. we most definitely do. but this year, let's try to do it sustainably in every perspective. 

from buying better as consumers to taking action that we can actually maintain throughout the year. like setting small but manageable goals for ourselves that we can sustain long term. because this is how big change happens. with small but sustainable, long-lasting steps.

so let's tackle one thing that many of us try to do every january again and again.

work it girl

every new year many of us tell ourselves - this is the year that I will work out more and do it regularly. i will get up at 5am every morning and run a marathon before work. and for this, i'm gonna buy myself some fancy new workout clothes. okay, easy tiger. 

buy better

so, again, we're here for your enthusiasm and we support it. but before you run off and randomly buy activewear, let's have a look at some sustainable options.

inclusive, diverse and beautiful: girlfriend collective

we believe that every body is a beachbody and every human has the right to find beautiful activewear that fits them and makes them feel comfy and confident. and girlfriend collective shares this opinion, celebrating every form of the female figure. 

their pieces range from sizes xxs to 6xl, which we think is a much-needed mindset in the fashion industry. 

some of our faves

find the whole range here.

essential, sustainable and circular: organic basics

organic basics is a brand that is at the forefront of the sustainability movement. they've made it their mission to be as sustainable as possible in every perspective. and this passion and quality are visible in their amazing workout clothes. have a look at our favorites:

for the whole range check out this link.

pure, elegant and buttery soft: pura clothing

this swiss brand makes activewear that feels like a second skin and will make you feel and look super elegant. all pieces are designed in switzerland and then fairly handcrafted in italy, using high-end, recycled, or natural textiles. this brand will make sure you're set up right for conquering whichever workout you choose. our favorites are:

to see all pura workout pieces click here


so in the end, whichever new year's resolution is going to accompany you throughout this year, we believe this year has a whole lot of potential. 

let's make the best out of it!


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January 27, 2022 — Nadia Baldelli