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these scented candles are inspired by the versatile perfumes. they will make any room smell good - and they are also super pretty. for each candle, versatile worked with a perfumer on a new scent. plant based and delicious! this candle is inspired by greek yogurt - nutty, fresh, and sweet.

material: glass jar, 100% plant-based & biodegradable wax with perfume*
size: 135g of scented wax, 35 hours of burn time
details: untreated cotton wick, perfume concentrated at 12%
how to use: the first time you light your candle, let the wax melt until the edges, before diminishing the flame. this makes sure your candle will burn evenly. always remember to cut the wick (approx. 5mm) before each new use. do NOT let candle burn for more than 3 consecutive hours.
production: perfume created in paris, manufactures in grasse. candle handmade in the south of france for versatile

*88% plant-based (rapeseed from europe) wax
12% perfume (19 natural(🌱) and synthetic(🔬) ingredients):

top notes:

🔬 Acetic Acid
Animal: Sour, Acid
🔬 Phenylacetic acid
Balsamic: Floral, Honey
🔬 Aldehyde cyclamen
Floral: Lilac, Clean
🔬 Methyl anthranilate
Orange floral: Orange, Solar
🔬 Camphor
Aromatic: Eucalyptus, Peppery
🔬 Citral
Hesperidia: Verbena, Lemongrass
🔬 Linalool
Floral: Lavender, Zesty
🔬 Diacetyl
Balsamic: Butter, Hazelnut
🔬 Furaneol
Balsamic: Caramel, Strawberry
🔬 Linalool
Floral: Lavender, Zesty
🌱 Petitgrain Essence - Paraguay
Orange floral : Zesty, Aromatic
🌱 Rosemary Essence - Morocco
Aromatic : Lavender, Fresh
🌱 Turpentine Essence -
Woody: Coniferous, Peppery
🔬 Terpineol
Woody: Citrus, Fresh

heart notes:

🔬 Damascenone
Fruity: Rosy, Earthy
🔬 Filbertone
Balsamic: Hazelnut, Rhubarb
🔬 Hedione
Floral: Jasmine, Watery
🔬 Heliotropin
Balsamic: Cherry, Almond
🔬 Phenylacetate of phenylethyl
Balsamic: Honey, Green

Base notes:

🔬 ISO E Super
Woody: Irisé , Earthy
🔬 Musk T
Musk: Floral, Blackberry 

contains linalool