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these reed diffusers are sure to scent your home, office or bathroom perfectly. simply add the reed sticks to the bottle, place it in a corner you like and get ready to indulge yourself in lovely vibes.

material: glass bottle, reed sticks 
size: 100ml, 8 reeds. lasts up to 12 weeks.
details: bottle is plastic free and recyclable.
how to use: remove bottle lid, add reed sticks, place wherever :)
production: made in a remote workshop in the woodlands of the UK by embers & roots


lemon thyme & lavender: the immediate release of fresh citrus and eucalyptus awakens your senses and clears your mind, creating headroom for the fresh crushed lavender to come to the surface and gradually soothe any stresses or anxiety. this expertly balanced fragrance helps uplift your mood and install relaxation in to your space. it is an exceptional fragrance with instant top notes of tangy citrus lemon, laying on a bed of earthy moss, vetiver and patchouli. at the heart of the fragrance is aromatic fresh lavender, jasmine and thyme. an ideal scent for the bedroom to create a truly relaxing environment that can aid in a better nights sleep.

top notes: tangy citrus lemon
mid notes: earthy moss, vetiver, patchouli
base notes: fresh lavender, jasmine, thyme

peaceful mind: made using expertly chosen essential oils that instantly open your airways, heart & mind to create an inner peace. deeply inhale the eucalyptus and fresh mint to clear your mind before the relaxing lavender and peppery, musky aroma helps sooth your nerves and relax your muscles. this fragrance will restore balance to your emotions and improve your mood tremendously. embers&root's hand blended scent can instantly transform your space in to a tranquil environment suitable for sleep, relaxation or meditation. a perfect scent for the master bedroom and bathroom inducing a spa like experience. 

top notes: eucalyptus, bay leaf
mid notes: lemon, mint, lavender
base notes: cedarwood, clove, peppercorn