plant - sansevieria cylindrica

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this lovely sasevieria is a real eye-catcher. it is fairly easy to take care of and is sure to make your room more friendly.

professionals also call me
dracaena angolensis, cylindrical snake plant, spear sansevieria

pot diameter ∅ 
inner pot: 17cm
outer pot: 18cm

pot material:
made from waste products with wind energy, 100% recyclable

plant height
50 to 60 cm (including pot)
light and favorite place
this plant is quite easily pleased. she likes a lot of light but no direct sunlight. with a place that is slightly shady she will also be happy but make sure the temperature is never below 15 degrees. an ideal place for her is the bathroom.

water and fertilizer

spring - summer: check the top 1-2cm of the earth every two weeks. it the earth is dry, it is time to water your plant (aprox. 1/4 of the pot volume). in general the sansevieria cylindrica prefers it being too dry rather than too wet.

autumn - winter: check the top 1-2cm of earth once a month. if the plant is dry, water it a little bit.

fertilizer: between spring and autumn you can use succulent fertilizer once a month. in winter the sansevieria cylindrica does not need fertilizer.

other tips

keep the leaves free from dust by cleaning them with a soft towel.

need help?
contact feey's plant doctor.


size table
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