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well - we don't need to introduce this one. the monstera is everyone's darling and the favorite of many. this one is an extra large version and will surely add some good green vibes to your rooms.

professionals also call me
monstera deliciosa
fensterblatt, swiss cheese plant, delicious monster, windowleaf, plante gruyère, zampa di leone

pot diameter ∅ 
inner pot: 15cm
outer pot: 16cm

pot material:
made from waste products with wind energy, 100% recyclable

plant height
35 to 45 cm (including pot)
light and favorite place
the monstera prefers a light to half shady place, for example 1-2 meters away from a window. she does not like direct sunlight. temperatures between 10 and 24 degrees are fine for her. she won't grow if it's colder than 18 degrees.

water and fertilizer

spring - summer: as soon as the first 1-2 centimeters are dry, water the monstera.

autumn - winter: as long as your room is above 18 degrees, water the monstera like the rest of the year. if it is chilly, water slightly less.

fertilizer: in spring and summer add fertilizer once a month. in winter the plant does not need any fertilizer.

other tips

you should wipe the dust off the leaves with a damp cloth regularly. if the plant grows too large, add additional support with a bamboo stick.

need help?
contact feey's plant doctor.


size table
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