plant - ivy marble queen

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this beauty will grow fast! it is perfect for high shelves or hanging from your ceiling.

professionals also call me
epipremnum pinnatum

pot diameter ∅ 
inner pot: 17cm
outer pot: 18cm

pot material:
made from waste products with wind energy, 100% recyclable

plant height
40 to 50 cm (including pot)
light and favorite place
your marble queen ivy likes light but no direct sunlight. make sure she does not stand somewhere where there is a breeze.

water and fertilizer

spring - summer: make sure the earth is always damp but that there is no water that stays in the pot!

autumn - winter: keep the earth rather dry.

fertilizer: during spring and summer you can add fertilizer once every two weeks. in winter and autumn once a month is enough. 

other tips

keep the leaves free from dust. for even more knowledge about the devil's ivy, follow this link.

need help?
contact feey's plant doctor.

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