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the fiddle leaf fig is one of our plant favorites - and this one is extra large! it will lighten the mood in any room - just make sure you stick to the tips by plant experts feey.

professionals also call me
ficus lyrata
geigenfeige, leierfeige, banjo fig, lyre-leaf fig

pot diameter ∅ 
inner pot: 27cm
outer pot: 30cm

pot material:
made from waste products with wind energy, 100% recyclable

plant height
110 to 120 cm (including pot)
light and favorite place
the fiddle leaf fig likes light but no direct lunch time sunlight. in summer you can also let her stay on your balcony. she doesn't like drafts at all. temperatures should always stay above 18°C. the fiddle leaf fig also loves high humidity.

water and fertilizer

spring - summer: every 14 days, check if the upper part of the earth (approx. 1-2cm) is dry. if this is the case, you can water your plant (approx. 1/4 of the pot volume). rule of thumb: the fiddle leaf fig prefers earth that is dry rather than too wet.

autumn - winter: you can water your fiddle leaf fig even less.

fertilizer: around spring and summer (march until september) you should add some fertilizer to your water every two weeks. you can use liquid fertilizer or stick 1-2 fertilizer pellets into the ground. in winter the fiddle leaf fig does not need any fertilizer. 

other tips

you can wipe the leaves of the fiddle leaf fig every week with a damp cloth. make sure the leaves have enough space to grow and that they do not touch the wall. 

need help?
contact feey's plant doctor.


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