turtleneck shirt - elsa - cappuccino

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we love this piece! featuring a wide turtleneck and very elegant sleeves, the elsa shirt in cappuccino makes for a super chic look. 

material: 100% organic cotton knit 
care: gentle wash up to 30 degrees, use mild detergent and a washing bag to protect from zippers and other mean items, no softeners
made in portugal


1. design

our founders anna and jula still do all of the design work themselves. they are mastering that challenge, despite living in two different countries. luckily they're pros at long-distance teamwork.

so the design process is split between hamburg and dubai.

2. raw material

since the average cotton production is a pretty dirty business, we only use organic and recycled cotton.
if you wanna know more about the ecological benefits, compared to regular cotton. the cotton is grown in india.

3. yarn production

no matter which fibers we are talking about, they have to be spun into a yarn for further production steps.

the yarn production takes place in torfaportugal.

4. fabric production

the next step of our supply chain is to weave the yarn into a fabric.
the fabric production is located in joane, portugal

5. manufacturing

that's where all the magic happens!
our manufacturers receive the patterns, fabrics, andother components like buttons or zippers and make them into a garment.

this piece is made in joane, portugal.

6. distribution 

jan n june ships the products to us in one big shipment. we split our stock into our store and our little storage.

we send out our orders via swiss post.