leather bag - LAYLA - pistachio

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LAYLA means night in arabic.

the LAYLA bag is one of our absolute favorites. it is inspired by the classic kindergarden bags we know from the past. it fits with any outfit - chic for the evening or casual for daytime - it always works. it has space for all of your important daily items, phone, wallet, personal diary and other little essentials.


leftover naturally tanned leather


19.5cm x 14.5cm x 5cm / crossbody: 104cm


the cool thing about the bag is that you can wear it as a classic shoulder bag, as a crossbody bag or simple as a shopper. the changeover is very fast and also has a hidden keychain with which your keys are safely stored. the bag is made from leftover nubuk leather and is produced in the respective colors only in small quantities.


caring for (vegan) leather

each type of leather requires a different type of care. each leather is different and needs to be cared for according to their qualities.

smooth (vegan) leather

with soft leather the most important thing is the color. dark colors like black and dark brown are more forgiving. lighter colors will stain more easily. you should regularly brush your leather items with a soft brush and clean when needed with a damp cloth (not wet!). when using care products like a cream, use one in the color of the leather. vegan leather can also be cleaned with a soft brush and spot cleaned with a mild detergent (like a mild dish washer). avoid using harsh brushes as these can scratch the surface.

suede and nubuck leather

water and oil can stain suede and nubuck, so you should not use wet cleaning methods but dry ones only. use a special soft brush to clear dust and dirt. if you have oily marks, you can add some cornflour overnight and then brush away in the morning. if you have tougher stains, use a special suede or nubuck cleaning solution.

what is vegan leather?

vegan leather can be made from many different things, such as cornstarch, apple skins or plastics. our brands often use recycled plastics (for example from fishing nets) and bio-based materials such as corn starch. 

why love leather?

leather is very durable and will last almost forever, if you take care of it properly. leather turns super soft over time and therefore a shoe will truly adapt to your foot. the reason why we love leather is because it is bio-degradable and will last longer than plastic alternatives.


made in a small leather atelier outside of marrakech