hot water bottle - old rose

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this mini hot water bottle will keep you or your little ones warm after a long day. whether you had a long day outside or you just have cold feet - the hot water bottle can be warmed using hot water from the tap or heated. for a cute look, try our water bottle sleeve.

how to use: hold the hot water bottle vertically and fill 2/3 with hot water, letting out excess air before tightening the cork. after filling, tightly screw on the cork and turn hot water bottle upside down, to secure it is fastened properly. please note that the hot water bottle must not be heated in a conventional oven or microwave.dDo not place objects on top of the hot water bottle. 

do not use it as a pillow nor to sit on. do not pour in boiling water!

care: for hygienic reasons, the hot water bottle should be replaced after 5 years. store empty with the cork removed hanging with the opening facing down. store dry, dark and cool. natural rubber will fade over time.

warning: never use boiling water! risk of scalding if instructions for use are not followed. hot water bottles can cause burns. avoid direct
contact with the skin. should only be used by children under the supervision of an adult.

size: 20,5 x 37 cm
material: natural rubber
wash: wipe clean with a damp cloth.